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We Made History in Dauphin County!

Justin Fleming, Democratic Candidate for Pennsylvania State Representative, in front of the Harrisburg Capitol Building Dome

The votes are in, and with the support of more than 60% of voters, we’ve won the Democratic nomination for State Representative in House District 105!

Thank you to everyone who circulated a petition, donated, canvassed, texted, dropped literature or otherwise spoke to a friend or neighbor to support our candidacy! However, this victory is not about me - it’s about all of us because we all share in this success.

What did we win? We won the opportunity to go to Harrisburg and fight for the things that matter to so many in our district. We won the chance to build an equitable education system. We won the opportunity to protect fundamental rights against constant attacks from the Republican majority. We won the right to insist that everyone have access to affordable healthcare, so when my daughter becomes an adult, she can afford the lifesaving medication that she needs. We won the chance to protect the rights of workers to organize, increase the minimum wage, and secure benefits like paid sick and family leave!

I chose to run, in part, because I was sick and tired of seeing the entrenched majority in the General Assembly do nothing when people are suffering. We’ve spoken to so many voters who have major concerns whether it be property taxes, their rights being stripped away, or lack of employment protection because of who they love. We can do better, and we WILL do better.

Our victory marks the first step toward a brighter future for residents in House District 105. Thank you for getting us this far and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead!

Love, Justin


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