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Justin Fleming with other community figures during a fundraiser for susquehanna township schools
Justin Fleming with his wife and their children on the day he was sworn in as Susquehanna Township Commissioner

Justin Fleming

Family Man

Public Servant

Friend to All

I am proud to call Dauphin County my home. I have spent nearly all of my life here, attending public school, worshiping at religious services, and supporting its businesses.


As a young child I grew up in poverty, relying on public housing, free and reduced lunches, and food stamps. Our family used those public benefits as a bridge to the middle class. The quality public education I received allowed me to attend college. The availability of subsidized student loans allowed me to graduate from Millersville University.


I have spent nearly 18 years in and around state government as a public servant and as an advocate to expand mental health care and provide more resources for Pennsylvania's kids. My life is a perfect example of what can happen when we make public investments in the lives of children.


I am running to be your State Representative because Pennsylvania’s General Assembly can do better. It can provide a better education for all of our children. It can do better supporting social and economic justice. It can do more to support working families. It can work to reduce income inequality. It can help provide access to healthcare to make life-saving medications more affordable.


But this campaign is not about me, it’s about how we all come together to demand the things we want to see from our government. Folks keep paying taxes, but hardworking families are getting the short end of the stick while the rich become richer.


We can do better, and it would be my honor to work on your behalf to build a better Pennsylvania. 

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