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Endorsed by Honorable State Representative Patty Kim

Justin Fleming, State Representative Candidate for the 105th District of PA, with Honorable State Representative Patty Kim of the 103rd District, at the Hilton in Harrisburg PA smiling in a selfie

Justin Fleming of the 105th District of PA with Patty Kim, State Representative from the 103rd District, with Dave Madsen, state representative candidate for the 104th district of PA

Every day, we are receiving endorsements from incredible politicians in the area. Patty Kim has officially endorsed Justin Fleming for the 105th District.

The campaign is also gaining media attention with recent articles in Pennlive and The Burg.

From Patty: "I worked with Justin in a newsroom 20 years ago and now he's running to be my colleague in the House. I'm looking forward to having a Democratic Dauphin County delegation in the State House in 2022."

From Justin:

"I’m humbled by Patty's support! Having known her for close to two decades, I admire her not only as a public servant but also as a wonderful person. I hope to win this campaign and work with her in the PA General Assembly to represent the interests of every Dauphin County resident."


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